LEONARD GREENE: Migrant attackers hurt own cause by ganging up on NYPD cops

If you think the two NYPD cops beaten by a group of migrants were the only ones hurt when they were attacked outside a Times Square shelter, think again.

The cowardly clods who ganged up on a pair of police officers trying to make a lawful arrest late last month did as much damage to their own cause as they did to NYPD morale.

All these miscreants managed to accomplish by recklessly pummeling on the police was to make it worse for all the other migrants, the law-abiding, hard-working ones just trying to live the American Dream.

Talk about ungrateful.

When you come to our country, our city, our streets, and start pounding on police officers, who swore an oath to keep you safe, whether you were born here, moved here for a job, or stepped off a bus at Port Authority six weeks ago, New Yorkers — even some of those who foolishly want to defund the police — aren’t going to put up with that.

How dare you come to New York City, the Mecca, the concrete jungle, the melting pot, break the law, and pick a fight with our police.

“You don’t touch our police officers,” an outraged Gov. Hochul said. “You don’t touch anyone.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul is pictured during a press conference at her offices in Midtown Manhattan on Nov. 21, 2023. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for New York Daily News)
Gov. Kathy Hochul during a press conference at her offices in Midtown Manhattan on Nov. 21. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for New York Daily News)

The caught-on-camera drama began on Jan. 27 outside a Times Square migrant shelter, where cops were trying to break up a disorderly crowd.

When the cops attempted to put one of the men under arrest they quickly found themselves under attack.

The cops escaped the melee with a few bumps and bruises but it will take time for their morale to heal.

“These individuals who assaulted New York City police officers have no regard for the law,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry, who criticized the court for releasing all but one of the suspects without bail.

“What message does it send to every New York City police officer who’s out in the streets of the city of New York every single day, risking their lives to protect your kids?”

It didn’t help that prosecutors declined to ask for bail for all but one of the attackers despite the violent nature of the crime, compounded by the assailants’ brazen decision to target police.

It is doubtful that most of them will ever see justice, much less get deported as Hochul has suggested. Four of the suspects are already in the wind, using fake names to catch a bus to California.

That’s the smallest possible price to hisse for beating up police officers trying to enforce the law.

An NYPD officer shows his patch. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for New York Daily News)(Luiz C. Ribeiro for New York Daily News)

There are plenty of New Yorkers with legitimate complaints about police — brutality victims, Black Lives Matter protesters — and most of them wouldn’t dream of wrestling with an officer or kicking him when he’s on the ground.

And when someone does cross the line, like the louts who doused cops in Harlem and Brownsville with water in 2019, most officers have shown remarkable restraint.

But the police weren’t the only victims here. Other migrants will suffer even more.

This shocking attack — and the lack of accountability for it — gave the right wing haters another reason to run them out of town.

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