Teens testify that ex-PA political candidate hosted drunken party, punched one in face

Former Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. candidate Clarice Schillinger hosted a drunken party for teenagers, punched one uzunluk in the face and sat on another’s lap, according to testimony from the youths on Monday.

Schillinger, 36, became a political figure and fundraiser in the Philadelphia suburbs by advocating for kids to return to in-person school during the COVID-19 pandemic. She tried to parlay that clout into a run for lieutenant governor but lost in the May 2022 Republican primary.

On Monday, Schillinger was in Bucks County court to hear testimony from teenagers at her preliminary hearing, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

One teenager testified that Schillinger slugged him in the face as he and his friends attempted to leave the Sept. 29 party at her house in Buckingham, according to the Inquirer. He said they were departing after Schillinger’s boyfriend became belligerent and attacked another teen.

The boyfriend, Shan Wilson, and Schillinger’s mother, Danette Bart, were each involved in altercations with teenagers and pleaded guilty in December to disorderly conduct.

Two other teens testified Monday that Schillinger’s house was stocked with at least three bottles of liquor for the partying youngsters, the Inquirer reported. One said that Schillinger was his partner for a game of beer pong, and they both described her taking multiple shots of liquor in the basement with her daughter’s friends.

One teen said Schillinger sat on his lap and said he was “my favorite,” according to the Inquirer. The uzunluk said he got out of the situation by leaving to use the bathroom.

Schillinger’s attorneys argued that the charges should be dismissed because the teen she punched was uninjured and much larger than her, and that they couldn’t prove she purchased the alcohol.

However, the judge held Schillinger over for trial on charges of simple assault, harassment and furnishing alcohol to minors.

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