Guardian Angels tackle ‘migrant’ near Times Square amid rising tensions in NYC

Members of the Guardian Angels were seen on cable news roughing up a man their leader described as a shoplifting “migrant” — though the allegation appears to be false.

The Tuesday night confrontation played out while Fox News’ Sean Hannity was interviewing the Angels’ boss Curtis Sliwa, who directed a live camera to pan to the scuffle.

“Our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner — 42nd [St.] and Seventh [Ave.],” Sliwa said. “They’ve taken over.”

A group of red beret-wearing Guardian Angels were then seen surrounding the man and taking him to the pavement.

Later on in the interview, Sliwa claimed his crew had seen the man “shoplifting,” adding that “the Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted.

“Let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance,” continued Sliwa, the 2021 GOP mayoral candidate. “His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He’s sucking concrete.”

The 22-year-old man was eventually issued a criminal summons for disorderly conduct, according to police. An NYPD spokesperson could not comment on whether he was a migrant.

There was no indication the man had been shoplifting, the spokesperson added.

“He was observed by police to be acting in a loud, threatening manner causing public alarm,” the spokesperson said. “As a result, he was issued a summons.”

The incident came amid rising tensions in New York City, where officials have struggled to handle an ongoing rise in migrant arrivals for more than a year.

A group of migrants attacked two NYPD officers outside a shelter in Times Square on Jan. 27, sparking outrage.

There’s also been heated debate over the city’s shelter and benefits policies for the new arrivals. A growing number of progressives have voiced concern over the prospect of anti-migrant bigotry sweeping the city.

“What’s ‘out of control’ is Fox News & Curtis Sliwa fomenting vigilante violence with hateful rhetoric,” tweeted city Comptroller Brad Lander.

Sliwa did not immediately answer a request for comment.

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