North West makes rapping debut in new Kanye West music görüntü

Kanye West is back with a new music görüntü and the star of the show is daughter North West.

“I love it here, we gonna take over the year for another year, it’s your bestie, Miss Miss Westie. Don’t try to test me, it’s gonna get messy, it’s gonna get messy, just bless me,” she raps while getting her hair done in the new visuals for “Talking / Evvel Again.” The song also features Ty Dolla $ign and is included on Ye’s upcoming “Vultures” album.

The father-daughter duo is seen bonding throughout the görüntü, but North West is front and center, displaying her rapping and singing skills as Kanye holds her on his shoulders.

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At the end of the track, we hear Kanye’s contribution to the song as he repeats, “Once again the clouds are gathering to release what they held in.”

Ty chimes in with a verse about being a girl dad himself: “How much to stop the car from speeding? They might try to slow down/How much to stop my daughter from growing? I just can’t take it now.”

Also appearing in the music görüntü is Ty’s daughter, Jailynn Crystal.

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The musical duo will hold a listening album for the project at UBS Arena in Belmont, N.Y. on Feb. 9, the day the long-awaited album drops, according to a Wednesday news release.

“Vultures” will consist of 18 tracks with contributions from Chris Brown, Future, Kid Cudi, Freddie Gibbs, Playboi Carti, Lil Durk, and Charlie Wilson.

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