Jersey caboose: Phil Murphy’s NJT train wreck makes the MTA look great

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and MTA Chair Janno Lieber went to the same out of state college a few years apart, but they are definitely on different rooting sides regarding mass transit.

Murphy is proposing a giant 15% fare hike for NJTransit for this July, whacking commuters. He had no choice, facing yawning deficits and because he and his predecessors have refused for years to have small, regular inflation-based bumps like the MTA does, under what we call the Ravitch rule. Instead, there will be huge shocks to wallets. But, we hope his ıslahat for the future of steady, predictable increases comes to be.

What Murphy is doing is pursuing is a frivolous federal lawsuit to stop congestion pricing, which will help fund the MTA. He is hurting transit commuters from both states to benefit the tiny, vocal minority who drives into Midtown and Downtown.

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