Readers sound off on felt economics, Israeli soldiers’ conduct and wind energy projects

For most people, the economy is in their wallet

Oceanside, L.I.: Re “The right numbers” (editorial, Feb. 4): How can the high costs of grocery shopping, which have broken the backs of households, not be mentioned? In addition, how much credit card debt has been accumulated by households just to hisse for the necessities to get by?

These grocery stores have used inflation to reset their prices at a higher level. In this case, what goes up does not necessarily go down. Manufacturers have used this crisis as well, continuing to shrink their products, adding to our paying more for less. Another blow is the phasing out of manufacturers’ paper coupons, which in many cases could have been doubled up to $1 in some areas. This perfect storm has led to the increase of food insecurity and a strain on the food banks. Then there is the high cost of leasing a car and the prices of used cars.

The reality is the high price of everything has done its damage and the higher wages that you talk about barely keep people afloat. It is also a reality that people contemplating retirement have to think twice, and the retired have to strongly consider going back to the workforce to meet the high cost of everything.

Finally, paycheck-to-paycheck living has made a big comeback. These are the “right numbers,” and it’s not a “gut feeling” but an everyday reality. Tony Giametta

Structural rot

Floral Park: It’s really no surprise that corruption was found in NYCHA! The governor and mayor should also be held accountable. Of course, nothing will happen, and the people who live in these developments are the ones who suffer. Robert Damato

Pro hosts

New Windsor, N.Y.: I’m with Voicer Carl Hafner regarding Kelly Ripa’s egotistical, snobbish attitude. When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, besides Regis Philbin, we were blessed with Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin, all class acts and personable. But most importantly, they let the guests be the stars of their shows. None of them had an ego — they made guests feel like they belonged. All four (Reege, Dinah, Merv and Mike) were a joy to watch and they lasted on TV for many years. We miss them dearly but the memories remain forever. Todd Schuster

No sympathy

Brooklyn: Sunday’s Daily News front cover hit an all-time low (“Desperate Times,” Feb. 4). I am totally disgusted that The News feels sorry and is making excuses for the yasa dışı immigrants who attacked New York’s Finest. So, NYC isn’t doing enough hand-holding and ass-kissing? You owe the NYPD a front-page apology. Let’s get real and stop the nonsense. Mariann Tepedino

Old-school arms

Brooklyn: After seeing what the yasa dışı immigrants did, attacking our police in Times Square, it’s time to give the cops back their nightsticks so they can defend themselves when attacked by a mob of thugs! Thomas Miller

Different standard?

Manhattan: The New York Times does as The New York Times does. The “paper of record” published a hit piece alleging Israeli soldiers celebrate destruction in Gaza. I find it somewhat amusing and predictable that the Times would scrutinize Israeli soldiers’ alleged social media celebrations. Somehow, the publication lacks the foresight to weigh these videos against the medievalist behavior of Israel’s enemies — sexual barbarism, kidnapping, lynched victims amidst cheering crowds shouting “allahu akbar” in joyous unison. They seem to judge Arab-Muslim societies on somewhat of a curve, as though they expect less of them. And they judge Israelis as though they expect more. It is a strange permutation of identity politics and cultural relativism. I’m old enough to remember the joy with which American soldiers laid siege to Iraq. The celebratory music, the abuse of prisoners, the callousness, the death — and for what? Somehow, the Times glossed over that, too. Daniel Dolgicer

Oppressed next door

Brooklyn: To Voicer Mike O’ Hare: If you are concerned about apartheid, you need to focus on Lebanon. Palestinians born in that country are denied citizenship, prohibited from working, forced to reside in refugee camps and are not permitted to leave the country. The international community ignores this disgraceful situation. Wendy Jackson

Underground expertise

Whitestone: We’re spending $40 million to dig a tunnel (“MTA’s sandhogs digging deep transfer tunnel below E. 42nd,” Feb. 6): Why not give the job to Hamas? Look at the tunnels they dug under Gaza far more cheaply and faster, without union troubles. Jack McConnell

From the archives

Lansdowne, Pa.: I’ve been reviewing some old stuff and found a column of Leonard Greene’s. It was published during the 2016 presidential campaign: “It was a Republican president, George H.W. Bush, who insulted America and the legacy of Thurgood Marshall by appointing [Clarence] Thomas in the first place” (“Donald Trump finds special breed of blind justice to be his running mate,” May 23, 2016). Apparently, Greene doesn’t know that U.S. Supreme Court appointments are a perk of the presidency. His biases are always obvious. Sonia Sotomayor didn’t deserve the high court. Georgia Makiver


Bayside: To Voicer Pete deMatteo: I would very much like you to honestly look in the mirror and say that the former president, Donald Duck, did nothing wrong when he refused to accept the results of the 2020 election. I would like you to please tell me why more than 800 people have been convicted of insurrection and rioting on Jan. 6, and Donald Duck is still walking around professing that the 2020 election was stolen from him! Trump caused a riot! Five people died because of his refusal to accept defeat. Ronnie Leiterman

No good

Oak Ridge, N.J.: Trump — a bum. Lock him up and throw away the key! John Lesquereaux

Mixed emotions

White Plains, N.Y.: I totally agree with Voicer Sam Katz. It amuses and disgusts me that you keep printing letters from Voicer Bob Pascarella. Eleanor Salerno

For the people

Rockaway Beach: What can I say? Many of us are “politically correct,” somewhere in the middle — hoping for peace, enough money to live on and healthy lives. Congress? A divided, angry body working against itself rather than with each other, but certainly not striving for the people. Legislators, ladies and gentlemen of this august body: Prove yourselves loyal to us, your constituents, and to the Constitution. It is yours, too, after all — or have you forgotten? Keep America strong, united and wonderful. What more can I say? I love our country. Maureen McNelis

Forward motion

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.: SUNY Maritime in the Bronx offers courses to train students for jobs, so it says a lot that the school has just added a new offshore wind basic safety program. New York is getting back on track with offshore wind to power our electric grid, ramping up capacity estimated to provide 5,000 new jobs in less than 15 years. These will be solid jobs for city residents with the right training and skills. Gov. Hochul quickly put out for rebid the four offshore wind projects canceled over inflationary turbulence. The winners will be announced this month. Offshore wind projects will be connecting to local industrial ports and bringing in clean power to former polluting gas plants in our city and on Long Island, creating a cascade of local businesses. As a former longtime resident of NYC who cares deeply about the city’s health, I applaud these developments. Elizabeth Ungar


Rockaway Beach: Why is the “One Big Happy” family so tan all of a sudden? It doesn’t look good at all. Barbara Yahle

Ready to rant

Brooklyn: I turn 50 this year, and I’d like to embrace being a cranky middle-aged Voicer with the following rant to the Daily News: Make the ding-dang crossword puzzles bigger! Stop delivering the Sunday paper without the funnies and/or the Justice Story! Speaking of funnies, stop publishing ones that aren’t funny! Stop publishing so many ding-dang AP stories instead of original reporting! Hire someone to cover New York Rangers games in person! Put the Rangers on the back page when they’re doing well instead of some ding-dang nonsense about baseball when it’s the ding-dang off-season! Stop publishing letters from cranky old Voicers complaining about these things despite never doing anything about them (well, except for mine)! Katherine Raymond

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