Readers sound off on Israel’s endgame, Biden’s mental fitness and the Buffalo shooter’s federal case

Israel gets security before Hamas gets a state

Fort Lee: The Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel was off the charts, an unprecedented act. Attacking Israelis in their own homes and committing many atrocities against them is a deal-breaker.

I, as a Christian, can not see any way for peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinian people. How can any Israeli feel safe or comfortable living next door to savage murderers? How can President Biden have the nerve to tell Israel to make peace with Hamas? There should be no ceasefire until all of Hamas’ hostages, including some Americans, are released. There is no two-state solution here unless the Palestinian state is somewhere in the Sinai in Egypt.

I would advise Israel to take over Gaza, send the Palestinians to Egypt and tell the various terrorist groups that any more violence will result in the Palestinians losing the West Bank next.

Palestinians have never been in charge of that area. In 1947, Egypt was running Gaza and before that, in biblical times, Palestine was run by Jews. It wasn’t until the Israelis started building their country and making a civilized nation in a savage part of the world that the Palestinians wanted in. They got jealous of what Israel was achieving and now want to destroy it. If the Israelis left Israel tomorrow, that whole area would become a perpetual war zone between Jordan, Syria and Egypt, and nobody would give a crap anymore about the Palestinians. Vincent L. Tripp

Tried that

Manhattan: To Voicer Philip Martone: I did. The New York Times is not generally going to publish a critique of their own publication. Daniel Dolgicer

Presidential liability

Stratford, Conn.: So this 15-year-old migrant, let into this country by the Biden administration, gets free food, lodging, medical deva, a phone card and a phone — and has the money to get an yasa dışı handgun to shoot at police? What a wonderful country! They should drop this mook off at Biden’s Delaware beach house and he can hang out with Hunter. America has really gone nuts. Peter Sulzicki

Unserious prospect

Yonkers: I usually agree with S.E. Cupp, but her latest article on the GOP collapsing is flawed (“The GOP is collapsing, so too could the country,” column, Feb. 9). The Republicans were correct in rejecting that joke of a border bill. It didn’t go nearly far enough in reforming our immigration system. The truth is that if Biden really wanted to reduce the influx of migrants, he could do so via executive order. He won’t because the Democrats are more concerned with maintaining power than solving the border crisis. Tony Forlenza

Listen past the noise

Orta Nova, Italy: Re “Long Island House hopefuls Tom Suozzi, Mazi Pilip joust on immigration, abortion in feisty debate” (Feb. 8): The spirited debate between Suozzi and Pilip encapsulates broader ideological divisions and political strategies prevalent in contemporary American politics. As candidates spar over issues like immigration and abortion, they reflect deeper societal rifts and competing visions for the nation’s future. Pilip’s attempt to paint Suozzi as aligned with the far left highlights the polarizing rhetoric employed to mobilize support and discredit opponents. Conversely, Suozzi’s defense underscores the complexities of governing over diverse viewpoints and regional challenges. Amidst the heated exchanges, it is crucial for voters to critically evaluate the substance of candidates’ proposals and their ability to address pressing issues facing Long Island and the nation. Rather than succumbing to partisan narratives, informed engagement and dialogue are essential for fostering constructive political discourse and advancing meaningful policy solutions. Luciano Magaldi

Not all there

Brooklyn: We now have documented evidence questioning the competency of Biden. Thursday’s hastily called press conference proved he does not have “his wits about him.” This is no longer about politics. He is making America a laughingstock in the eyes of foreign countries and an embarrassment to our fellow Americans. His diatribe was that of a hateful old man. What more will it take? When will we enact the 25th Amendment and remove Biden? David DiBello


Brooklyn: Special Counsel Robert Hur, you could not find a way to bring charges against President Biden, but you just could not resist throwing your cult leader a bone by taking an unnecessary potshot. Why? Your dad and grandfather will be so proud of you. SMH. June Lowe

Let’s see him

New Windsor, N.Y.: After publishing the picture of the beautiful and successful-in-her-own-right Mrs. Patrick Mahomes (“QB wife’s muhteşem gig,” Feb. 9), how about a birçok beefcake pic of hubby Patrick? We girls deserve equal exposure (wink, wink). Lois Lichtenberg

In his honor

Toms River, N.J.: To all original Mets fans: Let’s start a movement to rename the SNY broadcast booth “Kiner’s Korner,” and on the day they make the change, have a T-shirt giveaway with that same slogan. Jeffrey Baer

What gives?

Brooklyn: I’ve been doing the crossword puzzles in your newspaper for 30 years. Why are the grid and clues printed so small? Feels like I’m failing an eye test! What’s up with that!? John Corbett

Sticking with him

Montebello, N.Y.: Re Leonard Greene’s Jan. 28 column, “An American mystery”: How can I back Donald Trump? Simple. Despite his being the ultimate vulgarian and liking to run his mouth with absolutely no restraint, he was still an excellent president of the United States. His remark about being a dictator for a day was just that — running his mouth. The Democrats have been dictators since the day they took office. They are handing this world to Moscow, Beijing and Tehran, who will teach us what real dictatorship is. Wallington M. Simpson

Lack of leadership

Manhattan: Voicer Andrew Ross must have been very fortunate in not losing anyone close to him from COVID. Either that or the man is totally delusional in stating that Trump “didn’t deny COVID, but as a leader, he didn’t panic people.” Are you kidding me? This man totally denied the seriousness of this pandemic and, due to his denial, was responsible for likely thousands more deaths than were necessary. His whole objective was to deny and downplay how serious it was by making the illness political and delegitimizing the science. We know this because the percentage of deaths from COVID is considerably higher in red states. Don’t want to believe me? Try looking it up. The numbers don’t lie, even if Trump does. Elizabeth Winters

Deadly consequences

Sunnyside: It was wrong of Voicer Robert Brennan to blame the tragic death of Ashli Babbitt on a heroic Capitol Hill police officer named Lt. Michael Byrd, who Brennan said “murdered” Babbitt. The individuals who are really to blame for her tragic death are the right-wing lunatics who brainwashed Babbitt (who was suffering from PTSD as a result of her Iraq War service) into thinking that the election Trump lost was stolen from him. Also, Babbitt was not the only one who died as a result of the insurrection. A heroic police officer named Brian Sicknick died of a stroke the following day because of the trauma of the insurrection, and another four heroic officers committed suicide from the trauma they suffered that day. John Francis Fox

Dump delivery

Richmond Hill: I have the cure for the incendiary lithium-ion battery fires! Ban them all. Give the would-be delivery people all Schwinn bikes or roller skates. Reopen cooking classes in all schools so we can cut down the price of feeding ourselves. Inflation and tipping is killing us. I personally love home cooking and I am müddet the firemen could use a rest. Robert Clolery

Tried again?

Little Ferry, N.J.: The Buffalo killer is a horrible person. If anyone should be put to death, it is him! But there is a sorun of law. I don’t know why the federal government is involved with this case, for it has nothing to do with national security. The Constitution’s 10th Amendment gives local governments policing power. This monster was tried in a New York State court by a jury of his peers who found him guilty of horrendous murders and properly sentenced him to life in prison. That should have been the end of it. Gary Schwartz

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