Readers sound off on stadium roofs, the Jordan drone attack and student support

Can’t the NFL afford domes for teams’ stadiums?

Middletown, N.J.: In the NFL, the owners are making millions, if not billions, from cable and broadcast TV deals. They get a kickback from everything sold with their team logo on it. They make money from fans buying tickets to their games, especially season ticket-holders! So why doesn’t the NFL impose a rule on every team to put a roof on its stadium?

I see the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs and they are asking for help to clear the field and the stadium seats of the snow — and from the public, no less! But why don’t they have a roof to let their fans enjoy the game in a comfortable environment?

I am a New York Jets fan. I gave up my season tickets after having them for well more than 30 years, mainly because of the winter games but also because of the price of each game, the personal seat license surcharge (PSL), which helped build MetLife Stadium and the cost of food, soda, beer and parking was very expensive! The Giants also played there, so with two NFL teams playing there, why did they not put a roof on it?

Greed, pure and simple. They tell me it is “roof ready.” Then, for the sake of your fans, please put that roof on the stadium! The same goes for the Patriots (did you see their last game against the Jets, the snow game?) That was simply ridiculous for the fans and the players! Herb Hanrahan

Swift miss

Brooklyn: Previously, TV showed Taylor Swift’s reactions to the Chiefs’ plays, but not in Baltimore. What happened? Martin Selbst

Blank canvas

Manhattan: The sea wall from 23rd St. to 18th St. is complete. It looks like it will be a graffiti artist’s dream come true. The city might want to hire some muralists. It might end up looking like the subway trains in the ’70s. Joseph Duffy

Packed light

Brooklyn: Your first newspaper of the year will go on record as being thinner than toilet paper. William Glassman

Apple gadget

Brooklyn: I recommend that your readers get a Prepworks apple slicer. It cuts apples into 16 slices, which make them a lot easier to eat. It costs less than $20 on Amazon, and it can help you be healthy and lose weight. It makes eating apples a lot more enjoyable and will encourage you to eat healthier. An apple slicer provides a very high return on investment by making you eat a lot more apples and thus substantially improving your health. Shlomo Klein

Glad to see it

Manhattan: Thank you very much for publishing the excellent Efrem Sigel’s “Three lies about Israel & the truth” (op-ed, Jan. 25) in last Thursday’s Daily News. This op-ed brings great comfort to your Jewish readers, like me, who every day hear the many lies and misconceptions about Israel with so little pushback from the media. Stuart Lahn


Aiken, S.C.: Living across the river from Augusta, Ga., my condolences go out to the families of the three reservists killed in Jordan: William Rivers, 46, of Carrollton, Ga.; Spc. Kennedy Sanders, 24, of Waycross, Ga.; and Spc. Breonna Moffett, 23, of Savannah, Ga., according to the U.S. Defense Department. As a 100% disabled Marine Vietnam veteran wounded five times in combat, I am very sensitive to the deaths of our military personnel. However, in my day, we didn’t throw a grenade at the enemy and stop fighting until they struck again, like the feckless responses our military is doing today. It’s common knowledge that Iran is supporting all of the proxies attacking our bases and Israel, so no matter what anyone says about fearing all-out war, we are already there and should respond with an overwhelming show of force to make Iran and their supporters crawl back under their rocks. Gregory J. Topliff

Invited attacks

Yonkers: America is in serious trouble. President Biden has shown himself to be a weak president and now the Iran-backed radical groups are taking advantage and attacking our military bases in the Middle East. This is what happens when America is led by a president who is indecisive and spineless. Biden is losing control at all ends of the spectrum. Our American troops are under fire. At this point, it is obvious that Biden doesn’t have the courage to stand up to Iran. Apparently, he learned nothing from 9/11. Nicholas Maffei

Take notes

Massapequa Park, L.I.: My wife and I just went on vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico, and to my surprise, we were pulled out of the crowd and subjected to a full search, including our luggage. Just a hint to our useless president: That is how it is done. Raymond P. Moran

Stark difference

Manhattan: To Voicer Joe Fioramonti: I support Biden for president because he represents the democratic values that I believe in, while Donald Trump, the would-be autocrat, convicted sexual abuser and inciter of the Jan. 6 insurrection, does not. It’s that simple. Chana Schwartz

MAGA ascendant

Bronx: The long knives are out at the Daily News while the Sword of Damocles hangs over its head. In the Jan. 28 edition, there was an editorial, columns by Leonard Greene and Harry Siegel, and the usual suspects in Voice of the People. We read of the anger and frustration of the postmodern liberal with their nemesis, former President Donald Trump, who appears to be heading for a primary victory in the battle for the heart and soul of America. The media, Democrats and the seçkine mob can’t countenance another Trump presidency, which is antithetical to their hedonist, distorted agenda. They will stop at nothing to defeat Trump. A fusillade of lies, chicanery and dirty gutter politics is not beneath them. But like its leader, the MAGA movement is strong in the face of adversity, is patriotic and possesses the wherewithal and the will to overcome the hate-filled despoilers, and take back America for the people. Bob Pascarella

Morals mix-up

Darien, Conn.: Moms For Liberty continues to proceed despite its co-president being fully involved in a lurid threesome sex tape. Recently, dictionaries have been on their banned books list. What’s next, the Bible? Dan Singer

Manufactured consent

Bronx: Voicer Paula Magdalena Vidal claims the media used to report both sides of every story. If it did, perhaps the U.S. government would not have invaded Korea, Vietnam and Iraq (twice). Maybe it would not have been able to replace democracies with dictators in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Richard Warren

Now hiring

Brooklyn: I don’t understand the news that the state has identified 4,000 jobs that could be filled by migrants. Why aren’t most of these jobs being offered to native New Yorkers who have been in our shelter system for well more than a year? There are 55,000 adults in the regular shelter system, 30,000 of them are within the family system, yet we are offering these jobs to migrants who don’t have work authorization. Native New Yorkers don’t need work authorization and are more likely to be proficient in English, which these jobs require. The migrants need help and they need jobs, but should that be at the expense of native New Yorkers who are in shelters? Robert Mascali

Be a hero

Andover, Mass.: As a former teacher and school administrator, I had to deal with students who were troubled and had difficulty learning. These students often had poor attendance, behavior problems, or were tuned out in class. Usually, the standard recommendation to address these behaviors was counseling or therapy, which had some success. However, we failed to realize that these students needed a hero — someone to listen to them, provide support, deva about them and be there for them. A hero could be a teacher, administrator, coach or neighbor — they are often located in a school, after-school program, government agency or youth center. If you are aware of a young person who is dealing with depression, anxiety or another emotional issue, please consider finding a hero or being one. Richard Trotta

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