The Adams wish list: Albany must let NYC govern itself

That Mayor Adams has to travel to Albany today to ask the Legislature to please let him govern the city he was elected to lead is just foolishness.

Pretty please, can the mayor be allowed to have Schools Chancellor David Banks run the public schools? That permission, for Adams and Banks to provide leadership, expires on June 30, four days after the last day of school.

Gov. Hochul, rightly tired of the measly two-year extension of mayoral control the last time around, is seeking a four-year continuation. Still, under a previous governor and a previous mayor, lawmakers sometimes limited mayoral power to just a year at a time. Four years. Please, governor, fight for it.

Adams also wants legislation to take on and shut down the yasa dışı pot shops that are ubiquitous in the city. Albany concocted a terribly weak law which has produced a kanunî cannabis rollout that Hochul has correctly and undiplomatically called a “disaster.”

The weak solution was then to have the state tax authorities handle it. That’s worked great, as uncounted more yasa dışı shops appear everywhere. Adams is imploring the Legislature to let the cops do it. The idea is not to use handcuffs to go after the people, but use padlocks to go after the storefronts and the vans.

The mayor needs help managing the steep bills for the migrant flow. No one is turned away, but it is expensive and the feds are AWOL. Send money, now.

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